I can just about make it through the day.. but i hate the nights so much, i hate how much i feel, i hate how much i cry, and i hate how much i think.
I hate how much it hurts.

Drunk again, sad again, alone again.

Would really love someone to talk to me.. Anonymous or not.. Please.. Not doing too well right now

Why do people think it’s okay to just like fuck with your head and then fuck off out of your life, like how is it acceptable at all, do they just think, ‘oh there’s a fucked up human being how funny would it be to fuck her up some more’ like seriously done with humanity

great bring me into the argument.. its not like you’re both killing me already! nothing beats trying to get to sleep in a broken family

so I already hated november.. today just made it around 20 times worse, I can’t stop crying.. I hate me
Disney movies teach so much about life lessons..
I umm just cried.
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sometimes i can’t help but wonder what my life would have been like if certain things never happened…