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0. kissed a different race other than myself

1. kissed a girl

2. kissed a boy

3. kissed in the rain

4. kissed on a ferris wheel

5. kissed underwater

6. kissed on new years 

7. kissed under the mistletoe

8. kissed on 11:11

9. failed my drivers test

10. showered with someone else

11. made someone cry

12. broke someone’s heart

13. rejected someone

14. gotten rejected

15. gone skinny dipping

16. wished on a shooting star

17. wished at 11:11

18. wished on a eyelash

19. wished on birthday candles

20. had a wish come true

21. stayed up for more than 24 hours

22. had a sleepover with the opposite sex

23. slept in the same bed as the opposite sex

24. had a date to a dance

25. had a one night stand

26. had my heart broken

27. made fun of someone for being fat

28. cut myself

29. liked more than one person at the same time

30. kissed more than two people in one night

31. found something valuable on the ground

32. been bitch slapped

33. been slapped

34. been told i’m ugly

35. been told i’m worthless

36. slapped someone

37. talked to someone via webcam

38. had a virus on my computer

39. had my butt slapped by someone i don’t know

40. kissed someone i don’t know

41. have a pillow pet

42. said something i wish i could take back

43. broken up with someone

44. lost a friend

45. had a fight with someone over a guy

46. cheated on someone

47. someone cheated on someone, with me

48. sexted

49. gotten bullied via text/internet/calls

50. fell in love


Bitches can’t handle my swag.
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